About Us

Service is paramount

We serve our clients with the same level of service, attention, and professional know-how that we would want for ourselves.

By being nimble, efficient, and empathetic, we will become an unparalleled partner for those we work for and those we work with.

Kellie Mitchell
I moved to the East Coast from Colorado just 4 months after getting married.  I can relate to the stress, excitement, and many nuances involved with job related relocation!

— Kellie Mitchell, Founder of Key Relocation Services, LTD.

That time got me thinking about how much a move is like a relationship. It’s complicated, emotional, exciting and can be scary. There are the things you’re looking for — the “must haves”, the things that “would be nice” and the deal-breakers. There’s the initial excitement when you make a connection. There are talks and plans, and eventually, a commitment to partnering — with an agent or a relocation firm.

Though my Mr. Right had partial benefits — assisting with moving our household goods and some financial reimbursement after the move was complete, it was still an overwhelming and oftentimes draining experience. And I was a Realtor®. It was after my own stressful move and settling into my new community, that I realized I had a passion for the relocation industry. The individuals touched by it and the families that move, the kids, the trailing spouse, even the family pet. It made me see that focusing on job induced relocations — and offering services that directly addressed a person’s unique relocation needs — was important and impactful.

Key Relocation Services is where to start

We will discuss and focus on what your company expects, what your transferring employees need and what the financial bottom line demands. Key Relocation will review the process and ensure that the company and the decision makers are clear on every option available. It is important to realize that there are options! Very large relocation management companies that move thousands of people annually, may be well versed in tax law and negotiating referral fees for huge conglomerates, but lack the personal attention that is needed. These companies will not engage with a company seeking a one-time move or even several moves a year.

Key Relocation Services is a nimble, proactive ‘customer centric’ company. We can offer a buffet of services to meet your needs. From providing Lump Sum payments, to full Buyer Value and Amended Sale options or perhaps just the perfect real estate professional, trained to work with the demands of transferring families while being accountable for their performance. The vendors needed, tax compliance, financial accountability and mobility options are complicated; we are not. In the end, we become a team that works together to move forward while protecting what is most important to you.

While I’ve had years of experience as an active real estate professional, at the time of my move, I was just beginning my transition to the relocation industry. Over my career, I have assisted with group moves (including area tours both large and small), traveled coast to coast to help employees cope with the uncertainty of work sites that were closing, prepared corporate policies (which included everything from backend billing to movers, home inspection, etc.) and this was supporting a company relocating just one employee!

Service counts — and matters to your company’s bottom line. By partnering with Key Relocation Services, you get the best of both worlds — a personalized, service-focused relocation experience for your personnel, as well as the financial rewards that come with compliance and tax benefits. Have a team member relocating across the state or across the country? Turn to the mobility provider who can meet their needs and yours. Ensuring employee satisfaction while minimizing their distractions is your job — opening doors to a more positive and stress-free relocation is ours.

We Pride Ourselves On:

Being flexible—we have a bend-over-backwards approach to helping our clients

Personalized service(s)—our ability to help you is maximized by knowing you and what you want

Making life easier—whether we are connecting with a client or the HR department representing that client, our job is to remove to-dos from your list

Understanding and problem-solving—from initial uncertainties and hurdles that appear during the process to assimilating into your new community, we have the empathy and experience to help you manage your relo with as little stress as possible a strong (and upbeat)

Work ethic—we have the attitude, optimism, and energy to deliver a positive relocation experience

Core Values


Recognize that reality is in the eyes of the consumer


Strive to improve performance by developing our efficiencies


Provide kind, quality service and accurate information


Live in The Question, “How else may we serve you?”