Real Estate Cash Rewards

The American dream of owning a home gets a little sweeter with…

Our Real Estate Cash Rewards Program.

The Real Estate Rewards Cash Back Program is designed to offer varying support to employers, employees, college alumni, credit union members and others. This will enhance existing benefits, help to attract new customers, support an individual’s ability to be rooted in a community, and help you or those important to you to get some money back with they buy or sell real estate.

Bottom line: Buy or sell a home with us and you’ll receive cash back!

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Step 1

Partner with Key Relocation Services Buying a home isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. From the overwhelming variety of neighborhoods and homes to consider to online resources that may be unreliable or dated, the search for a home is only the first step in an often stressful and complicated process. There’s also negotiation — the back-and-forth of sales price, inspection findings, surveys, and township requirements. There are issues that can make or break a deal, and impact your ability to realize your dream of home ownership.

When you choose Key Relocation Services, we make sure an experienced agent works with you from the moment initial search criteria is established all the way through closing. We do all the time-consuming behind-the-scenes work that saves you stress, time, and ensures that all your bases are covered expertly.

Step 2

Once the deal is done, you get cash back. Key Relocation’s Real Estate Cash Rewards Program offers various levels of financial incentive to our clients. When a client buys or sells real estate using a Key Relocation Services preferred realtor, they will receive cash back after settlement. And as if that wasn’t enough…

There is an additional opportunity for a cash credit if the client is a buyer and chose a Key Relocation Services preferred lender.

Putting more money in your pocket doesn’t get more straightforward than this!

Cash Back

200k – 499k$1,200
500k – 649k$3,000
650k – 799k$3,500
800k – 949k$4,500
950k & up$5,000

Lender Rewards*

*Approved Partner Lender will offer a $1,095 Mortgage Credit at closing